Murder season 5 : funeral in the teaser of the 13th episode

With its traditional voice very serious, the voice-over of the teaser raises an excellent question : how will he get out this time ? There are still two episodes before the season finale, in other words, the tension mounts. ABC/Gilles Mingasson Five seasons later, How to get away with murder has never been so well carried his name. Only as the years advance, and the assertion of the title has a question mark. There has been a case, of the dead, a lot of doubt and yet, Annalise’s (Viola Davis) and his band are always standing by. A solidarity wealth, achieved not by friendship but by necessity. The teaser seems to show us that the boat is going to seriously rock when an exit door is present, difficult not to engulf.

Murder has many points in common with The Shield. The events of the first episode are still exploited, and the race of the main characters looks like the slow lapse of Vic Mackey and his team. This leads to the dilemma that seems to tirailler Annalise : accept the immunity can be a poisoned gift. The End of The Shield is there to testify.

Murder – season 5 episode 13 Teaser VO

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