For cleaner performance, maximum fuel effectivity and easy beginning, the highly effective 16-valve SOHC engine features EFI and Yamaha’s distinctive PrimeStart™ system. With Yamaha’s Digital Network compatibility, the assembly of the indications allows you to management your motor with unmatched precision. PRECISE THROTTLE CONTROLAll air entering the engine block is routed via a single throttle valve, to ensure the exact amount of air needed for optimum energy and gasoline effectivity. Compatibility with Yamaha’s Digital Network Gauges delivers precise control too. The 70hp’s advanced, lightweight powerhead design contains a single overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder, for max energy and effectivity. A large intake valve space with light-weight pistons and valves give class-leading horsepower-per-litre.

But because maximum torque appears to be developed around 4500rpm the F70A outboard motor needs cautious propping to deliver its full potential. Our 1-liter 70-hp midrange features a two-piece upper case and 10 p.c lighter pistons. It’s as much as eighty pounds lighter than other four-stroke rivals and the class-leader in energy-to-weight. Combined with its sixteen-valve SOHC design and 17 p.c larger intakes, and it’s one of the most responsive outboards on the water.

yamaha 70 hp outboard

Yamaha’s push-button trim management makes engine trim and tilt adjustments quick, smooth and straightforward, across a wide trim vary. The negative trim settings enable for improved acceleration and the ability to bring the boat onto the plane extra rapidly. Yamaha’s distinctive Y-COP immobiliser system is a simple, straightforward to use and highly efficient option – the neat and simple remote management locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button.

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To allow you to in your search for the right Yamaha 50 to 99 horsepower engine, you could have this information to make the search easier. This kind of boat motor works with a compression stroke and an explosion stroke. When youre making ready to move out onto the water, you need to ensure that your engine wont allow you to down. There are many Yamaha complete outboard boat engines that you can equip your self with.

This highly-polished, trendy trying, prime mounted management allows for easy one-handed management. The ergonomic design includes a thumb operated trim and tilt change built into the handle, in addition to shift and throttle control functions, for handy and comfy operation. With its trendy chrome end and ergonomic design, this mechanical control not only looks good, but provides effortless one-hand operation. The trim and tilt change is comfortably located on the deal with and options easily accessible neutral heat-up controls and externally adjustable throttle friction.

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The four-blade prop is good for rougher conditions and when higher acceleration is required, such as towing. These high-high quality aluminium props are ideal for heavier hulled boats corresponding to fiberglass and plate aluminium, as well as modified V-kind hulls, catamarans, pontoon and industrial work launches. Incorporating Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System , these props ship quiet and easy shifting.

In reality, the F70 is the lightest, most powerful 4-stroke in its class. POWERFUL HOLE SHOTA Composite Intake Manifold features long tube consumption tracks, tuned to increase airflow, which enhance low-end and midrange torque. Even with all this responsive power, an air silencer field and surge tank cut back air intake noise and air turbulence for smooth, quiet operation. These props ship Yamaha’s excessive-quality design and efficiency in a low-price, lightweight propeller.

LIGHTEST WEIGHT IN CLASSFrom the specifically designed engine block to the two-piece upper case, each ounce of weight financial savings has been realized for optimum efficiency with out sacrificing sturdiness. Yamaha’s new F70 isn’t only the lightest four stroke 70 horsepower outboard, it’s even lighter than aggressive two stroke direct-injected outboards. As air enters the F70, it’s routed via a single throttle valve, to ensure the exact quantity of air needed for optimum power and gasoline effectivity. It then enters every cylinder by way of particular person long consumption tracks, that are ‘pulse tuned’ to supply air at the precise volume and timing for max density and power.

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